Photo Album

Our first "date" was the 2006 Calaveras Celtic

So Matt and I have a habit of doing things backwards. I became his girlfriend and then we fell in love and then we went on a first date. Ah the wonders of the internet and long distance relationships!

First trip to Santa Cruz

Sometime when I came up to visit him, Matt took me to his favorite spot in Santa Cruz to look at the ocean. It was nice, and then we took this cute picture. Later on, he would propose to me on that bench. We liked sitting there that much.

Visalia 2006

This is the faire where I met the majority of Santa Maria, and after a slightly rocky start, they became my family. Which is pretty awesome.

The Top of Matt's head and the resson we met

Matt and I met at a going away party for Kristen Spinola. You can find the story of that in the page where we talk about ourselves, which is pretty much like every other page on this site, that is, well, about us...

Ironic that.

Matt and I like to dress up in funny clothes and go dancing

And clearly we are fond of having out picture taken while kissing.

Dickens 2007

Oh look, here we are in more funny clothes...

Officially Official

So we started planning the wedding, before we had rings or a formal proposal. But that is just like us. Here we are, on that pesky bench in Santa Cruz right after we finally got around to making it official.

And look... we even got rings to prove we are engaged.

Yes, I bought him a ring too, I'm equitable about jewelry.