• Wedding Photo Teaser Slideshow is up

    Our photographer has a brief slideshow of our wedding photos up for those who are curious. The entire set will probably take about a month to get done.

    But for now, you can go here:

    Wedding Teaser Slideshow

    Added by Michelle on Sun, Nov 2nd 2008

  • Hotel Rooms blocked

    We have blocked rooms for 10/30 and 10/31 at the Courtyard Marriot. �This hotel is approximately 3 miles from the wedding venue. �Driving directions between the two can be found here.

    The room rates are as follows:�

    Single -- $99.00
    Double -- $109.00
    Suite -- $199.00

    Reservations can be made until the 30th of September at 1-800-321-2211.� Make sure you tell them the Richmond Courtyard Marriot, or else they will not know what hotel you are referring to.

    After the 30th of September, these rates cannot be guaranteed.

    When you make your reservation, please tell them it is for the McLoughlin/Marovich wedding.�

    Added by Michelle on Wed, Aug 27th 2008

  • Engagement Photos

    Engagement photos are done!

    They can be found at:


    Added by Michelle on Tue, Jul 22nd 2008

  • Save the Date Cards have gone out!

    You probably got one, that is how you knew to come here.

    So, if you hit this site from our save the date cards, feel free to sign our guestbook and let us know you were here!

    Added by Michelle on Fri, Jun 13th 2008

  • General Place Holder Entry

    So generally we blog elsewhere. We wil try to post updates to this site of you care to follow along, but they won't happen more than once a week at best, and probalby once every few weeks is more likely. That said: welcome! we are glad you are here.

    Added by Michelle on Sat, Jun 7th 2008