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  • Matt's Version of how we met...

    Which is mostly correct.

    This was originally posted on his Live Journal on 05/18/2006

    Allow me to go on record...
    Most of you were around for 2005 and the crap that it was. It started out really poor and despite some discomfort that followed me throughout the year my life continually became better and better. I met new friends, had a lot of support, got a job that finally paid well, gained some deeper relationships; I said many times this year and last, life fails to suck.

    And then in January I'm hanging out over at Krys and Trey's house, losing money most likely, and they're talking about some friends of their's who will be at a going away party for a friend of our's. They mention this one woman Michelle and I jokingly ask if she's hot, they answer yes, and continuing to joke I ask if she's available, and they say yes again. Krys, at the time, got that look in her eye and she stroked her chin like a Bond villian and said, "You know, you two would be good together."

    Fast forward a few weeks. I'm over at Krys and Trey's new place, chatting to some people at the beginning of the weekend long party, and this woman walks down the hall and around the corner, having just left the shower.

    At the first sight of her, any and all cool or smoothness left me as I think my mouth fell open and I stared at her. I'm introduced, Matt, this is Michelle, Michelle, this is Matt, and the entire time I have to remember there are these things called vowels that help make words sound right. Since she continued to speak to me through the rest of the night I think I didn't make too much of a fool of myself.

    So, I leave for game because of commitments, and head back to the party. People are very drunk and by then the party was slowly winding down. I'm asked if I want to crash there and I decline, stating that I had a king sized bed waiting for me at the parents' house five minutes away. Michelle, joking, asks me to take her home.

    Never have I cursed living at my parents house so much.

    Unfortunately, I went home alone. The rest of the weekend would consist of me missing her at PEERS and then losing my money to her on Sunday while we played poker. We actually got to talk then and I was struck (nearly literally) by her quick wit but also by the fact of how intelligent she was. Intrigued, after the game, I asked Krys to give her my contact information.

    To make a longer story shorter, Michelle entered my life and I have been amazed at her level of love, caring, trust, and compassion she has shown me. She has been supportive and encouraging no matter what has happened, has brought joy and happiness into my life, and I'm a better person for her. Years ago I promised myself never to get into a long distance relationship again but the distance and the time spent apart hasn't been a struggle or burden, it's just made things better.

    This weekend I'm going down to San Diego and helping her move up here. Here's to hoping that we don't drive each other crazy because the distance isn't there. *smile*

    I love you, Michelle. Thank you for being in my life.

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  • Michelle's ammendments to Matt's version

    which makes it more correct...

    I was clothed, and coiffed, and wearing makeup. He shouldn't make it sound like I emerged naked and dripping.

    That said,

    When I emerged from Krys' bedroom FULLY CLOTHED and walked down the hall I was surprised that there were people there already. But really, I was shocked when I made eye contact with Matt. In fact, I don't think I trusted myself to even shake his hand. I said hi, smiled weakly and turned my back on him and made guacamole for almost an hour. The entire time I stood in that kitchen I felt him in the room. Now I'm not much of a believer in fate and predestination and all that freaky babble about "meant to be" but in that moment, I knew I was in deep deep trouble. I lived too far away and I didn't need another guy getting in my head. And have no doubt, Matt was in my head from the second my eyes met his. I eavesdropped on the conversation in the kitchen while making guacamole and occasionally turned around to look at the participants. That feeling of electricity never left my body everytime I looked at him. By this point I was downright pannicky. I resolved to avoid him for the rest of the night. And that is exactly what I did. I didn't think I would see him again after that night anyway. He left early, I got intoxicated, met new people, and generally breathed a sigh of relief.

    And then, when we were settling down for the totally kickass toastie tradition he walked back in. Shit! Crap! Oh no, now I'm intoxicated! To be fair I am mainly a fun drunk, flirty and loud and giggly. Still, dead sober my mouth is 3 paces ahead of my brain. And so when I invited myself home with him, yeah, I was kidding, but I sooo wasn't kidding.

    The next day was moving goodness and exhaustion for mutual friends and while there were plans for PEERS Krys and I were mainly dead on our feet. I asked Krys ONCE about Matt, she mainly gave me a bemused look and not much of an answer. Several of our housemates happily went off to PEERS and about an hour later Krys gets a call.
    "where are you guys?"
    Matt, we are staying in.
    "Michelle too?"

    I smile a bit to myself that at least I got to him too. Eventually the housemates come home and since I was sleeping on the couch I woke up, and they each noted that Matt asked about me. Each of them. Separately. And I grin in the darkness because, well, that is just flattering and adorable and SOOOO not sly. I love men who are sincere and not smooth talkers. I really do.

    So when he walked in the door for poker I was definitely on my game. Enough said. And yes, I walked out the door with all his money. The first thing Matt learned about me is that I do not bluff.

    At all.

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  • What Matt wrote about getting engaged...

    originally posted on his LJ 05/15/2008

    The race is done, I've won, I've won...
    Last night Michelle and I drove over the hill to Santa Cruz right after work to beat any traffic (there was only a little bit and it was still flowing quickly enough for 17). We headed down to Soquel to the Golden Buddha, one of the few places I wish I could've taken with me when I left SC. Dinner was good as it has always been at the Golden Buddha and then we drove up to my bench (yes, it's real, it's one of the benches along West Cliff in Santa Cruz) to catch some of the sunset.

    While sitting there I turned to her and said, "It has been two years, three months, and ten days since I first met you, not that I've been counting. And in those two years, three months, and ten days I've been happier, calmer, and better than I have been all the rest of my life. I feel that in that time I've grown more and become a better person, mostly in an attempt, I believe, to get closer to being your equal. You are the best thing that's ever happen to me, I love you, and I'm looking forward to sharing my life with you."

    Then I opened the little blue box and asked her to marry me.

    You all can guess what she said. *grin*

    Then she gave me

    my engagement ring


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